Stefan Doepner

Born 1966 in Bremen, studied Painting, Experimental Film and Intermedia Arts
at the University of Arts Bremen, 1990-95,
lives and works in Ljubljana/SLO and Hamburg/GER.

Selected works and activities:

- co-foundatioin of the artist studio and gallery space SOPHIE in Bremen / D

- cofounding of Verein23 for intermedia cultural exchange, Bremen / D

- participation in the Documenta
IV Project „ VanGoghTV" with the Bremen Module „ Piazzetta Telematica Bremen" / D

- co-foundation of the „MAB" - Media Access Bureau, an Internet Bar-Restaurant GalleryPublicBureau in Bremen / D

- project „KoKo – Kooperation und Konkurenz" with N.A.Baginsky at the HfK Bremen / D

- Workshop „SEM" - Sound ElectronicsMusic at the HfK Bremen / D
- 5 month project „
Lab@Sea" at the „Treujanisches Schiff" of Mike Hentz / HdK Hamburg / D

- co-foundation of the Institute for Art, Infomation and Technology - f18 in Hamburg / D
- Machine-Performance „MotorTotem" with SOPHIE in Gdansk, Poland

- automat installation „DROP OUTS", Kampnagel, Hamburg / D

- development and co-production of the Exoskeleton, for Stelarc(AU), Kampnagel, Hamburg / D

- automat-installation „’", Kampnagel, Hamburg / D
- European tour with Exoskeleton
- development of "The Gerard Winstanley Radical Gardening Station Prototype
(Hamburg Chapter)" for Nils Norman(USA)

- Robot Workshop, KX/Kampnagel, Hamburg / D
- Development of „Movatar" - Motion Prosthesis, a pneumatic robot unit for controlling
the upper body, for Stelarc(AU)
- development and Performance of robot installation "iKiT" in the "Park im Gruene",
Rüschlikon, Zürich / CH

- „Motorvision", sound-robotic-video installation, Galerie 88, Hamburg / D
- development of „Ghostkeyboard" (automaticly typing keyboard) as part of the "PoetryMachine" by David Link
- Performance with Stelarc, "Motion Prosthesis", Pittsburgh / USA
- f18 lectures while "Digital Brainstorming", Bern, Zürich and Basel / CH

- f18 lecture, MfKG, Hamburg / D
- „artgendaTV", networking laboratory for artistic tools while the baltic biennial artgenda2002, Hamburg / D
- Sound&Robotics – Workshops, Playground Summerschool, Migros Cultural
Percent, Zürich / CH
- Development of „Rotobossophon" with Andres Bosshard(CH)
- concept and realisation of a 7x11m light-bulb display, Festpielhaus Hellerau / D

- performance Exoskeleton (Stelarc/Aus) Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana / SLO
- Robotic Workshop for cultural and scientific originators, Romainmotier /CH
- presentation and exhibition at media-space, Stuttgart / D

- f18 exhibition-tour, July - September „Playground Robotics", PlugIn Basel, Kornhausforum Bern, Kunstmuseum Solothurn / CH
- Playground Robotics, Galerija Kapelica, Ljubljana /SLO

- Workshop at the University of Arts, Aarau /CH
- Workshop Playground Robotics while City of Science, Bremen / D
- Development and presentation of Cello-Bot, Slovenia
- Workshop „Difference Machine", Academy Schloss Rotenfels / D
- Development and Presentation „Robot-Totem", Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana / SLO
- Lecture at AA
school „Surface Intelligence: Ambient & Augmented Architectures" Symposium, UK
- Cooperation with V.Repnik, Aquart Performance at Giilde Saal in Tallin / EST

- Development of the Walking Head Robot for Stelarc, Hamburg / D
- Living Kitchen Modul at the DingDong Festival, Hamburg / D
- "Living Rooms – Happy End of the 21st Century" at the GAK Bremen in the frame of
Smart2006, Bremen / D
- Workshop „Reality Log/ Enviromental Scan" at Gallery P74, Ljubljana / SLO
- participation at „Intermediate Spaces", Steirischer Herbst, Graz / A
- Participation at HAIP Festival, Kiberpipa, Ljubljana / SLO
- „Living Rooms; Happy End of the 21st Century", Kapelica and Mestni Musej Ljubljana
- Participation at the BiennaleU3, Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana / SLO

- co-foundation of the artists intiative, platform and space Cirkulacija2, Ljubljana / SLO
- „Living Kitchen – Happy End of the 21st Century" at MFRU 07, International Festival for
Computer Arts, Maribor / SLO
- Lecture at the Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich / CH
- Exoskeleton with Stelarc at TOTEM, Nancy / FR
- Workshop „Robo Stories" ZhdK, Zürich / CH
- presentation of the „Robot Partner0.1" project at Galerija Kapelica, Ljubljana / SLO

- „Living Kitchen – Happy End of the 21st Century" at „Synthetic Times" Media Art China2008, National Museum of China, Beijing / CN
- „Robot Partner 2.0 – Automated Table Modofication2" at „Ecology of the Techno Mind",
the featured art scene Exhibition of Ars Electronica at the Lentos Museum, Linz / AT
- improvised concert with rotating microphone/speaker system together with Bogdana Herman
and ROR at Gallery P74, Ljubljana / SLO
- "Robot Partner 0.2 – Automated Table Modification" at Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana / SLO

- Robot Partner exhibition at cosinus brx gallery in the European Commision, Brussels / B
- "Robot Partners – Paintbot, RobotTotem and Automated Table Modification" at Artcenter
KIBLA, Maribor / SLO
- internal Workshop and public experimental, improvisedl sound performance together with
Cirkulacija2 and Bogdana Herman at Sajeta Festival Tolmin / SLO
- Drawbot at „Big Draw" while Lange Nacht der Museen Berlin / D
- Robot Partner 3.1- Automated Table Modification, Drawbot and MIDI Picknick at
Preview Berlin art fair, Berlin / D
- „Living Kitchen – Happy End of the 21st Century" at Shift09 Festival, Basel / CH
- Cirkulacija2, 6 days' technology workshops and artistic production at Netart Community Prototype 11 with Cirkulacija2 at MedienKunstLabor in KunstHaus Graz / A
- Cirkulacija2, one-day sound event on December 1st, 2009 at Viba studios in Ljubljana / SLO
- participation "Arzenal Depo 2k9" exhibition, Viba Studios Ljubljana

- participation at „Nikjer ni najlepše" exhibition,
Mestna Galerija, Ljubljana / SLO
- Solo exhibition „kitchen aids off the track" Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich / CH
- Cirkulacija2 presentation at Mestna Galerija (city gallery) Nova Gorica / SLO
- Golden Bird Award (music) by the Liberal Acadamy for Cirkulacija2 / SLO
- participation at hackteria workshop at Dock 18 in Zürich / CH
- Cirkulacija2 concertant presentation Celje / SLO
- Cirkulacija2 „Concourse = Discourse" work process/exhibition at Alkatraz Gallery, Ljubljana / SLO
- „Allgemein anerkannte Regeln der Technik, Robot Partner und andere Anwandlungen",
Exhibition with Lars Vaupel at Gallery Oelfrüh, Hamburg / D
- Cirkulacija2 5 days workshop and concertant presentation at Sajeta Festival, Tolmin / SLO
- starting of the project „beyond construction site" - a project on social participation and urban
gardening, kud Obrat, Ljubljana /SLO
- participation at „Sculpture Today", Gallery of Contemporary Art Celje / SLO
- participation with Cirkulacija2 at „Paralelni Svetovi", Metelkova, Ljubljana / SLO
- nano šmano, nano punk and the hacking of future" at Kapelica Gallery, open research & work process and Exhibition together with Marc Dusseiller and Bostjan Leskovsek,
Ljubljana / SLO
- Cirkulacija2 at Pixxelpoint Festival, NovoMesto / SLO

- ongoing project „beyond construction site" with kud Obrat
- participation in the multimedia performance „Slišim z očmi / Hearing with my eyes" by
Maya Milenovic Workman with a reduced 'living kitchen' module, Maribor Theatre
- 'NanoŠmano – Šmall Matter, Mestni trg 15/Gallery Kapelica, Ljubljana / SLO
- „Urbi et Orbi", Cirkulacija2 participation at the lighting guerillia festival, Ljubljana / SLO
- the 'mechanical book', with S. Jahic at „Seite XX“ exhibition, Ministry for External Affairs, Berlin / D 
- 'MidiPicknic' and 'RobotPartner 2.0 – Automated Table Modification' in the „Robot Museum“ Exhibition at UGM City Gallery Maribor / SLO
- the 'mechanical book', with S. Jahic, at Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana / SLO
- Cirkulacija2 – total art platform at MFRU festival Maribor

- Cirkulacija2 - Noise as metaphor, Močvara Gallery Zagreb / HR
- NanoŠmano – LifeSystems, with M. Dusseiller, B. Leskovsek, P. Pin, B. Sjölen, R. Littrell at „Beyond

  Construction Site", Co-production with Kapelica Gallery.
- 300.000 VK concert at Moravian Industrial Festival, with Dejan Knez and B. Leskovsek
- „Multiple Cirkulacija – urbis socius
g opening event by the city of Ljubljana project RogLab by Cirkulacija2 / SLO
- Robot Partner 0.2 – Automated Table Modification at lab30 festival, Augsburg / D
- Robot Partner 3.0 – Drillbot, together with L. Vaupel at „Soft Controll
gexhibition. EPK, Maribor
- Participation at the „Black Magic – White Technics
g project by Repnik, Stromeyer, Klancnik. EPK, Velenje


-included in-

- Hands on Urbanizm – The Right to Green, mccm, A, 2012
- Muzej Robotov, UGM Maribor, 2011

- Kiparstvo Danes ( Sculpture Today), Gallery of Contemporary Art Celje, 2010
- Netart Community Convention 09
- Nikjer ni najlepše,
Mestna Galerija, Ljubljana 2010
- Preview Berlin 09
- Shift Festival Basel 09
- A new cultural economy, Ars Electronica 08
- ecology of techno mindKapelica Gallery Ljubljana 08
- Synthetic Times. Media Art China 2008
- DingDong Festival 07
- International Festival of Computer Arts Maribor 07

-included in-

- artists in labs – networking in the margins, 2011
- multitudes - ArtTVclash
- Homemade electronic arts. Dominik Landwehr, Merianverlag 09
- Machines as Agencys – Artistic Perspectives. Lischka/Sick, transcript 06

Monographie f18institut
- Playground Robotics – The Robotic Art Group f18 Institut and their Swiss Friends. 
  Dominik Landwehr, Merianverlag, 2004


- Cirkulacija2 at XL Experiment 2009 / 3via records
- Cirkulacija2 feat. Bogdana Herman – Live at Sajeta Festival 09 / 3via records
- Avant Gard 08 09, Sampler / Kibla
- Etnobanda, MetastazaB – Omnibus / 3via records
- Etnobanda, Metastaza – Broken Beauty / 3via records
- Cirkulacija2 Live at Sajeta Festival 2010 / 3via records