f18 institute

1996 foundation of the workshop-gallery f18 and the Institute for Art, Infomation and Technology - f18 /// December, Machine Performance “MotorTotem” in Gdansk/Poland

1997 April - Production and performance of machine/automat installation “DROP OUTS”, Kampnagel, Hamburg /// Organisation and production of the exhibition sequel “T1 - Testreihe Gegenwart” (frequent trial on presence)/// exhibition “
1. Eingriff - der Mensch lebt nicht von Brot allein” (Intrusion - man does not live of bread only)/// workshops at the Hamburg
and Bremen art academies, SEM SoundElectronicMechanic

1998 Organisation and production of the exhibition sequel “T2 - Testreihe Gegenwart” /// design, development, construction and co-production of the Exoskeleton (six-leg, pneumatic walking robot) and a robot hand for Stelarc/Australia, premiere on Kampnagel/HH, restoration of Angela Bullochs Plottermachine "Blue horizon" for Kunstverein Hamburg

1999 Performance of the scenic automaton-installation “generalpark.de’”, Kampnagel /// Presentation and artistic consulting for LEGO mindstorms, Berlin and Paris /// artistic-technical assistance for “Narcissism Enterprises” by Nicolas Anatol Baginsky /// European tour with Exoskeleton /// Design and construction of "The Gerard Winstanley Radical Gardening Space Reclamation Mobile Field Center and Weather Station Prototype (Hamburg Chapter)" for Nils Norman, USA /// Development and construction of “N-Spiral”, a turning speaker for Jan-Peter Sonntag

2000 Concept, construction and production of the robot-installation “iKiT” /// Robot Workshop with teenagers, KX/Kampnagel /// Technical artistic assistance on installation “Public Narcissism” by Nicolas A. Baginsky, Volkswagen-CarCity, Wolfsburg /// Design and construction of “Movatar” - Motion Prosthesis, a pneumatic robot entity for controlling the upper body of Stelarc, Australia /// Performance of robot installation ”iKiT” in the "Park im Gruene", Rüschlikon/Zürich (CH), during “playground03, Migros Cultural Percent /// Technical co-operation with CODELAB, Berlin during ”Interface”, Hamburg /// Stelarc “Extended Arm” Performance in Avignon(F)

2001 “Motorvision”, sound-robotic-video installation, Galerie 88, Hamburg /// development of “Ghostkeyboard” (automaticly typing keyboard) as part of "Poetry Machine" by David Link (aka David Gabriel) while "Im Buchstabenfeld", Graz (A) /// Exhibition/Performance with Stelarc, the ”Motion Prosthesis”, Pittsburgh (USA) /// Exhibition Exoskeleton while International Triennial of Contemporary Art, Yokohama (JPN) /// Installation, Offline Festival, Kiel (D) /// f18 lectures while "Digital Brainstorming", Bern, Zürich and Basel (CH), Migros Cultural Percent /// Development of control hard- and software for “Kick Robot” for BBM, Hannover (CH)

2002 f18 lecture, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg /// Robotik Workshop for children, Worpswede (D) /// “artgendaTV”, networking laboratory for TV and other artistic tools while the baltic biennial artgenda2002, hamburg /// Sound and Robotic - Workshops while Playground Summerschool of Migros Cultural Percent, Gottlieb Duttweiler Institut, CH /// Development and construction of “Rotobossophon”, a loudspeaker-turning like a windmill, for Andres Bosshard/CH in co-operation with J.P. Sonntag /// Further development of ”Ghostkeyboard” for David Link /// Artistictechnical consulting with the Dresden art and theatre group NCP in order to implement divers applied automations for 2 Fassbinder adaptations, premiere Thalia Theater, Hamburg, and Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden /// concept and realisation of a 7x11m light-bulb displays in co-operation with NCP, 10th anniversary Festpielhaus Hellerau /// f18 lecture while “Viper” festival, Basel (CH) /// f18 presentation while “Thinkquest” of Migros Cultural Percent, Zürich (CH) /// Robotic workshop in 3rd and 4th grade, Grundschule Worpswede

2003 Performance with Rotobossophon (Andres Bosshard/CH) Technopark/Zürich /// performance Exoskeleton (Stelarc/Aus) Cankarjev Dom/Ljubljana (SLO) /// Gotenborg Internationella Konst Biennal (S) / exhibition of Exoskeleton ///26.-31. Aug. internal workshop with sound-artists, musicians and artists, 1-3. Sept. Robotic Workshop for cultural and scientific originators, Romainmotier (CH), 10-12. Oct. media-space / Stuttgart - presentation and exhibition

2004 Summer: f18 exhibition-tour, July,Aug,Sept. 'Playground Robotics', PlugIn Basel, Kornhausforum Bern, Kunstmuseum Solothurn/CH 02.12 - 20.12.04: Ljubljana /SLO, Playground Robotics, Galerija Kapelica

2005 Co-operation with Vlado Repnik, R. Klancnik, I.Stromajer, Mojca piss on takeshi moderna Galerija Ljubljana, Aquart - Sopart, Rastavni Salon Rotovž, Maribor; Workshop at the University of Arts, Aarau/CH, Workshop Playground Robotics while City of Science/Bremen, Development and construction of Cello-Bot, presentation while GAZELA Slovenia, Workshop 'Difference Machine' at Academy Schloss Rotenfels with Moni Glahn Development and Presentation 'Robot-Totem' at the Gallery Kapelica,   Cooperation with V.Repnik, R. Klancnik, I.Stromajer, Aquart Performance at Giilde Saal in Tallin/Estland, Cooperation with V.Repnik, R. Klancnik, I.Stromajer, Aquart Performance at Stara Elektrana in Ljubljana.

2006 , February/March, Development and Construktion of the Walking Head Robot for Stelarc; April, Living Kitchen Modul, Development and Presentation at the DingDong Festival, Hamburg; Mai/JuneDevelopment and Exhibition of the project "Living Rooms - Happy End of the 21st Century" at the Galerie für Aktuelle Kunst - GAK in Bremen in the frame of Smart2006, Festival for Music, Art, and Robotic; Concert with the CelloBot in the frame of Lange Nacht der Museen Bremen at the GAK, Cooperation with V. Repnik, R. Klancnik, I.Stromajer with the project Time Colors Protocol at Galerija Kapelica and Colors at KIBLA in Ljubljana and Maribor.

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